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HomeInvest N250.000

Invest N250,000.00

Invest N250,000.00 and go to sleep while your money work for you or N20,000 click here for more on N20,000dollar bills

This investment does not require a new staff, office space or a special skill.
Why put your money in the bank where they will pay you less than 10% while you can invest it into a secured business that is without risk and make over 50% without stress.
The whole process is automated and with the new cashless policy people are beginning to appreciate online payment.

We thank God for the Government cashless policy that has opened more opportunities for those in online business. Why not join the lucky few and invest your money where it will work for you.
•    Have you longed to be part of the much talked about Business (Online Business) that is without risk?
•    Do you want to have multiple streams of income?
•    Do you want to diversify your business?
•    Do you wish to start a new business for your Wife, Child, Brother or Sister but do not know which one to choose that will also yield good returns on time?
•    Search no further! Online business is the answer
You can start Bulk sms Business with N250.000.00 (two hundred and fifty thousand) and make over N125.000.00 monthly

•    GSM Phone No Generator
•    Domain Name Registration
•    Website Design
•    150.000 SMS Units
•    Free Interswitch Setup for online payment with Debit or Credit Cards
•    Subsequently buy at 72kobo per sms
•    Free Online advert to gain customers

we will design Bulk sms portal for you with the following features
Features that your members enjoy:
Compose SMS with dynamic sender ID
Type multiple sms recipients, select recipient group from phonebook or upload recipients from text and csv(excel) file
SMS character counter for composing SMS i.e Page: 1, Characters left: 157, Total Typed Characters: 3
SMS scheduling for future delivery with date picker. etc Click Here to read more

Admin Features:
Send sms to all members
Specify No of free SMS units for new members e.g new members get 3 free sms
Create/edit Welcome SMS message for new members
Create/edit SMS to send to members when their SMS orders have been approved
Create/edit SMS to send to members when their credit is below your specified level
Create/edit SMS to send to members when they place an order
Create/edit SMS to send to administrator when members place order etc Click Here to read more

I am not computer literate
I do not have a computer
I do not have time
Where or how do I get customers?

Question one
I am not computer literate
You do not need to be computer literate to own and run a bulk sms business, you can do it with your phone, the only thing that is required of you is if you get alert form your bank that somebody have paid for sms you login with your phone and credit the person. But because of the cashless policy most people now pay online with their ATM Card and they will be credited immediately.
Question two
I do not have computer
Just as explained on the first question it is not compulsory you have a computer because you can manage the business with your phone more over we can help you credit your customer on request if you do not have access to internet on your phone, but just as explain on the first question most people now pay online with ATM which makes more better

Question three
I do not have time
The business does not require office or time it’s an autopilot system, it runs itself your job is just to wait for alert from your bank, nothing more

Question four
Where or how do I get customers?
These also should not bother you because the site will be designed in a way that once any one searchs for information concerning Bulk SMS they will see your website, it is known as search engine optimization. But if you want more customer and quick turn over you can advertise online for as little as N500 on facebook, Google, Yahoo etc

Another important question is who uses Bulk SMS and for what?
1.    Marketing: Bulk sms has proved to be the cheapest form of marketing till now. It has helped many companies reach their clients or prospective clients in time. With the use of sms services many people can be contacted at a single point of time and you can enter their life through their mobile phone.
2.    Alerts: This service is basically used by people who provide alerts services like share market updates, commodities alerts etc. These people need the sms to reach their clients faster. Some of the companies may also call it as Premium SMS services. With the help of these services the alerts can be provided to a person irrespective of what is he/she is doing. You are not disturbing the person and yet delivering the update and whenever the person is interested, he/she can use the information.
3.    Information: Some of the organizations such as educational institutions use the sms services to send updates to the students regarding the class timings as well as changing in schedule or any information that needs to be transferred. Although sms method is not popularly used for transferring information till now. But it is at a stage when it can grow too many higher levels.
4.    Banks: The banks use it to notify their customer of transactions and updates
5.    Church’s: Church’s use it to reach their members and remind them of programmes, meetings and the also use it to follow up new members. And finally to advertise their upcoming events/programmes, you may be sitting on a gold mine, why not find out from your Rev or pastor if he send sms and at what price he buys it, you can tell him that you sell cheaper, you might just be given the contract.

Why you should invest into the Business
1 It is said that opportunity comes but once, you need to grab it before you lose it
2 You need to plan for the raining day and you are not supposed to put all your eggs in one basket
3 You need to join others and make it big, even the banks are not left out in these business because in Nigeria alone over 5000.000.000 (five billion) sms are sent monthly and you will agree with us that it is worth investing into.

Once you make payment your bulk sms website will be up and running with 24hrs

For payment details or more clarification call us on 07033398645,08088165511 or click here to contact us


Reseller Packages

Reseller PackagesWith just N20,000 you can
become a proud owner of a  website like ours
and you will get the following FREE of charge;
> GSM Number Generator
> Domain Name Registration
> Website Design
> 5000 SMS Units
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