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Making your business mobile

mGate SMS

mGate support both bulk SMS and 2-way SMS. Bulk SMS is used for sending personalised messages, while with 2-way SMS (inbound SMS reception) you can receive SMS directly into your system, the same way you receive e-mails.

mGate Modules

Unleash the unique potential of your mobile users' portfolio and add new value to your existing brands.


  • Complete database integration
  • Fully programmable event-based messaging
  • Comprehensive overview of all mGate activity.


  • User-friendly and simple interface 
  • Organise groups and contacts
  • Advanced scheduling options


  • Track message delivery and control your costs
  • Real-time message status information
  • Detailed expenditure information.

Example Usage

Integrating your corporate database with Sendersms’s high performance messaging platform, mGate provides you with a simple and cost effective communication channel. With mobile messaging you can replace costly customer communication, introduce a new way of building customer loyalty and transform the way your clients experience and interact with your business:


  • Loyalty rewards
  • Promotional activities
  • Internal communication
  • Marketing campaigns


  • Balance statements
  • Transaction alerts
  • Marketing alerts
  • Secure authentication


  • Hollyday cards
  • Update alerts
  • Prize Draws
  • User communication

Deploying mGate

Sendersms's mGate solutions rely on in-house modular design to bring you flexibility, reliability and ease of use.

mGate Online

mGate Server integrates your database with the Sendersms messaging system, enabling you to utilise established data streams and triggers for advanced messaging features.

  • If your business requires a complete database integration solution, mGate Server is your product of choice.


mGate Online utilises your existing SMPP client application to give you access to advanced messaging features and global coverage.

  • Where you already have an SMPP client application, mGate Online gives you reliable high quality messaging.


Using mobile messaging with mGate transforms the way your clients experience your business.

With mGate you can provide your clients with new services which increase revenue and customer retention. In addition, costs are reduced when applied internally to create a more efficient marketing channel. This unique and highly efficient messaging system provides advanced client interaction with a special emphasis on security and ease of use.

  • Increased revenue, visibility, customer retention
  • Lower operational costs, improved internal communication and resource management
  • New channel for your marketing, promotion and customer care purposes
  • Go green - no hard copy mailings, no postage or stationery costs, less pollution
  • Keep a digital record of all communication
  • Highly flexible, reliable and secure messaging system


Reseller Packages

Reseller PackagesWith just N20,000 you can
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> Website Design
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